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Dreamcatcher Bios

English (Available dubbed in Aboriginal)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 13 x 30 minutes

Dreamcatcher Bios is a 13 x 22-minute documentary series that tells the life stories of amazing, globally successful game changers and how their Indigenous spirit got them to the top.  Each week, our audience will meet a famous and inspirational “hero” and find out what makes them role models.  Dreamcatcher Bios takes the viewer beyond token newspaper headlines and three-minute news pieces, offering a behind-the-scenes experience across Turtle Island into the lives of some of the biggest Indigenous names in modern popular culture, both historically and presently.

With a Dene narrator to guide us through the stories of these Indigenous heroes, we cover the spectrum of success - from pop stars like Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas (Shoshone), Grammy award-winning Rita Coolidge (Cherokee); and Thrash Metal God Chuck Billy (Pomo)  from Testament. We dig into the lives of elite athletes like 2-time Stanley Cup winner Dwight King (Métis), and Olympic Gold medal winner Billy Mills (Oglala Lakota).   We uncover stories of tremendous bravery and success with trailblazers like NASA astronaut John Herrington’s (Choctaw) space mission; Canada’s own duet Digging Roots (Mohawk/Ojibway): and the Seminole Indians rise to infamy.   We go to Hollywood to follow actors like:  Dances with Wolves and The Twilight Saga`s Graham Greene (Oneida), heavy weight Wes Studi (Cherokee) from Last of the Mohicans and Avatar, the Hawaiian actor/singer Tia Carrere (Hawaiian); and Canadian icon Tantoo Cardinal (Cree/Métis/Dene/Nakota), actor and activist.

These heroes represent their Indigenous culture in a way that makes the world proud.  

We’ll get to know our heroes, both in their homes and through their inner circles, on tarmacs, red carpets, at cocktail parties, and on the big stages and screens of the world.  Throughout the journey we learn about their ambitions and goals, the challenges they faced, and the adversities they overcame to get where they are today.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Rezolution Pictures Inc