Dot, Season 2

Animation, Children's & Youth
English (Available dubbed in French & subtitled in French)

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 26 x 11 minutes

Dot, the adorable, tech-savy star of our award-winning series, based on the best selling picture book by media mogul Randi Zuckerberg, is back....and she’s taking things up a notch!

Dot is an animated preschool series about an 8-year old girl who uses technology to enhance her adventures in the natural world, to educate herself and empower herself to do anything she sets her mind to.

We’ve joined Dot and her friends on amazing adventures in their neighborhood and watched as they’ve learned about problem solving, working together, friendship, and and importance of unplugging.

In Season 2, we’ll bring back all of our beloved characters, and follow them as they meet new challenges outside of their home, community, and comfort zones. Dot will continue to launch herself into more adventures, fearlessly setting about solving all kinds of problems - her own, her friends’, and her best dog’s of course - the same way any 8 year old naturally would... by messing up a lot, and laughing even more! 

This season, Dot will be diving even deeper into her passion for technology and STEAM: Dot is packing for an exciting week at
coding camp, embarking on virtual field trips, and finding inspiration and motivation from amazing real life entrepreneurs and inventors! We’ll see Dot expand her friendship circle, and explore new digital frontiers, all while growing and learning about her
world and what it means to be a responsible digital citizen, good global citizen, and true friend.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Industrial Brothers Canada ,Boat Rocker Media

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