Dominic et Martin – FOU

Variety & Performing Arts

Region: N/A

In Fou, their fourth show, Dominic Sillon and Martin Cloutier explore the depths of nothing less than sheer insanity. That of the people around them, but especially the two of them at all their different levels. Inspired by a wide range of obsessions, delusions, and eccentricities the three simple letters embody, Dominic and Martin go completely off-kilter in exploring a variety of themes that are, to say the least, somewhat disturbing. From passion and obsessions to simple paranoid observations, there is a very thin line between the rational and the totally irrational, and no subject is safe from their distorted lenses in this hilarious summing up of the crazy world of we live in. Guy Jodoin, who had brilliantly stage-managed Inséparables, their previous show, is again in cahoots with Sillon and Cloutier as they explore the outer limits of the mad world they inhabit.


Cast/Participants: Dominic Sillon, Martin Cloutier

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