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Doctor Barry (Season 1)


Region: Atlantic

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 6 x ½ Hour

A wildlife rehabilitation centre isn’t exactly every groom-to-be’s choice for their nuptials. But when Dr. Barry MacEachern was heading to the altar with his long-time partner Dave, they were surrounded by animals, rescue volunteers and a TV camera crew.

Over the years, fans have watched Doctor Barry travel to rehabilitate animals in other countries, like hedgehogs in Britain, bears in British Columbia, or coyotes on the streets of Chicago. His positivity and charm easily wins over even the most stuffy subject, making for entertaining and heartfelt programming.

In this new series, Doctor Barry struggles to keep everyone happy in his new veterinary practice while answering calls for help from organizations all around the world that rehabilitate animals in need. In Doctor Barry’s clinic, there are many happy endings and funny moments, but there are also in-depth medical procedures and heart-wrenching realities that have to be faced.

Dr Barry’s passion and incredible medical experience mean that these moments are met with both scientific understanding and unabashed emotion. One minute he’s comically walking a beaver around the clinic, another he finds himself crying after having lost a bald eagle.

Building off the successful production of eight seasons of Hope For Wildlife, this new Doctor Barry series promises to provide both quality footage and engaging content.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Doctor Barry Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Dr. Barry MacEachern, Craig Ferguson

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