Dis-moi tout 4

Children's & Youth

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Dis-moi tout is an uncensored program for kids where elementary school students take ownership of the airwaves to ask a guest on the show questions about anything that comes to mind. Students are behind the cameras and in total control of the set, while France Beaudoin does her best to act as mediator.

While it’s wrong to think that kids don’t have role models and heroes, what is true is that they don’t often have many opportunities to ask them questions for more inspiration. This show allows kids to meet up close with personalities who have distinguished themselves in many areas. The results are sometimes funny, sometimes touching, as the kids realize that the astronauts, comedians, ministers, athletes, musicians, and other big names of today were once kids just like them.

Dis-moi tout is a show for kids where the more candid the question the more authentic the answer.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Pamplemousse Média

Cast/Participants: France Beaudoin

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