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Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 30 minutes

In a world where physical appearance means everything, being disfigured is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. Imagine not having ears, eyelids, being scarred all over, having a deformed nose, or an ugly lump on the top of your head. Imagine seeing a monster every time you look in the mirror. Then the surgeries that follow one after the other, the painful rehabilitation sessions, and hospital stays that never seem to end. The massive reconstruction is done little by little, often at the speed of medical breakthroughs. This unique documentary series shows what living day to day means for those who are disfigured. We enter into their respective stories as they intertwine and then step back for a look through expert interventions that show the bigger picture. The goal is to better understand what the disfigured live through and to demystify the taboos that haunt them. The in-depth analysis is enriched as we see how they evolve thanks to the work of skilled surgeons and burn specialists, among many others. Each episode deals with a different theme such as family life, love, surgeries, or the challenges the disfigured face in their personal quests. Themes that are often very simple can take on a different dimension from their perspective and make us think about the lopsided role that body image plays in today’s world.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Pixcom inc.

Cast/Participants: Tania St-Arnaud, Cindy Loyer, Simon Bessette, Francis Langevin, Florianne Paquin