Desert Riders

English (Available dubbed in English & subtitled in English)

Thousands of boys, some just two years old, have been trafficked, or sold by their parents, to work as camel jockeys in places like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mauritania and Sudan. They’re starved to keep their weight down, sexually abused and physically mistreated while working long hours, though clearly underage.

When international pressure work many – now mentally and physically stunted – are repatriated only to find themselves strangers in their home countries.

The astonishing visuals of Desert Riders contrast these horrors against the Middle East’s enigmatic beauty, where camel racing, often called the Sport of Kings, remains incredibly popular.

(Directed and shot by Vic Sarin. Written and produced by Noemi Weis. Music composed by Jack Lenz and Orest Hrynewich. Edited by Eugene Weis.)

Cast/Participants: Ansar Burney, Salma Ali, Catherine Turner

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