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Des milliers de levers de soleil


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 60 minutes

In young people, mental illness makes them as much, if not more likely, to take their own lives. And when that happens, they do it at a younger and younger age. But what about the survivors, those who were once in the throes of mental illness? What’s become of them?

This film covers the lives of three young people who once suffered from mental illness, and their stories carry a message of hope. All three made it through their ordeals and came out with an impressive toolkit to help them prevent a relapse.

They were first filmed 17 years ago, when their disease was very much part of their daily lives. They now lead active, productive lives at home and at work. We visit them 17 years later in order to take stock of what happened over that time.

Véronique Bannon, who also suffered from depression, does the investigating. She helps us understand the 17-year continuum in the lives of our subjects, how they battled their disease, and especially their victory over it. In short, it’s a message of hope for everyone.

All these young people, now in their thirties, have an important message to deliver. The message is about the happiness there is in being alive, to taste and enjoy this life. Despite the ups and downs they faced, they’ve put their dark days behind them and intend to keep them there thanks to the toolkit they always carry with them.

Each one talks about the different plans they had for their life then and now. The most significant subjects that they tackled in the past are still with them today. Véronique asks them how they deal with this and comments on how she did it. She says that in darker moments her 7-year-old son, among other things, gives her a tremendous reason to live. We can see that at work in her daily life.

What one must go through in revisiting the past is the terrible pain one suffers from mental illness and the extremes in emotions you feel day and night. In the comments of today, one senses the immense happiness there is in taking a big bite out of life every single day because we know where we came from.

The road these three young people travelled on is, in itself, a positive message about mental illness. It shows that when one lives through a difficult period, there is often a ‘happily ever after.’ And knowing that there can be a quality, happy life waiting for you, is what gives you hope and your wind back.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Echo Média Productions Inc.