De garde 24/7 V


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 60 minutes

Ground zero in today’s healthcare system.

Season 5 of the De garde 24/7 documentary series takes viewers back into the emotionally charged day-to-day lives of the medical staff at the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital. Many of their favourite doctors are back along with new medical professionals in their respective departments. Working under pressure, at the limits of their capacity or understaffed, keeping their cool when every second counts, and always with compassion and empathy, admitting their inevitable defeats...the challenges faced by physicians today are daunting and far-reaching. They all have their own way of coping with the limits of their demanding profession. And in their daily lives—which are anything but ordinary—you can count on great 


Cast/Participants: Dr Christian Boukaram, Dre Isabelle Fleury, Dr Éric Gagnon, Dre Mona Khattabi, Dr François Marquis, Dre Sophie Mottard, Dr Nicolas Pranno, Dre Michèle Tardif, Dr Jean-Sébastien Trépanier, Dr Robert Urbanowicz, Dre Nathalie Zan et plusieurs autres.

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