Cutie Pugs

Children's & Youth
English (Available dubbed in French & subtitled in English)

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 26 x 7 minutes

Meet Dee Dee and the Cutie Pugs!  Dee Dee is a lively and inquisitive 5-year old who loves her pets -- Penny, Petey, Poppy and Pablo -- a family of talking pug puppies that explore, play, and discover what it’s like to be a kid, as Dee Dee: plays hide and seek, puts on a magic show, imagines a cardboard box as a pirate ship, runs through a sprinkler, jumps in a muddy puddle, blows and pops soap bubbles, and celebrates her birthday party with her parents, friends and the Cutie Pugs! Each new experience explores positional language like near and far, up and down, above and beneath, and fast and slow. Cutie Pugs transforms simple childhood play into grand learning adventures, as seen through the eyes of a little girl and her 4 pug puppies.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Little Engine Moving Pictures

Cast/Participants: Riley Jarvis, Jinny Wong, Andy Ingram, Jamie Carr, Melanie Davis, Liana Bdewi, Cam Hayduk


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Awards & Nominations


Youth Media Alliance Awards of Excellence (Alliance Médias Jeunesse Prix d’excellence)


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