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Crimes occultes série 2

English, French (Available dubbed in English)

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 45 mins x 10 épisodes

The supernatural, whether divine or evil and obscure, exerts the same age-old fascination on us all.

Crimes occultes Season 2 is at the very limits of the duality where angels and demons share the world. In this symbolic struggle between good and evil, criminal cases linked to the occult are an everyday example of this conflict.

While assassins of secret cults invoke the Devil, believe in zombies, Voodoo, and exorcism, investigators really have no leads other than the sordid motives of those who worship bloodthirsty gods for flushing out these criminals.

Occult killers put themselves in the place of their master, the Devil, in order to experience even a small portion of the intoxication his absolute and unrelenting power induces.

At this point, they’ve gone far beyond the bounds of insanity.

In the world of Crimes occultes Season 2, the normal state no longer exists and the path these assassins take simply defies all logic.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Planète Bleue télévision

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