Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2017

The world of CRAWFORD is a familiar yet unusual one. When raccoons invade the world’s most functioning dysfunctional family’s home, they help breathe life and new meaning into the odd behaviours of the family.  Hennessy plays Cynthia (aka Mom), an award-winning cereal executive struggling to deal with the stress of juggling work with the needs of her husband, Owen, and her lover. John Carroll Lynch is cast as Owen, family patriarch and former police chief, who is unable to use his voice due to a medical condition and communicates via his smartphone. Kyle Mac plays their son Don, a musician “temporarily” crashing at his parents’ after being dropped by his music label. Much to his surprise, he soon finds his calling as a raccoon whisperer. Older sister Wendy, played by Alice Moran, and younger brother Brian, played by Daniel Davis Yang, aren’t too surprised by Don’s return and welcome him back—sort of. They have issues of their own. It’s weird, but in CRAWFORD weird is the new normal. Join us as on a journey with this not-so-typical family as they navigate the murky waters of fractured relationships, financial troubles, old resentments and new enemies. Along the way there will be raccoon whispering, open relationships, breakups, arson, insurance scams, hillbilly hipsters, clingy U2-obsessed boyfriends and shady lawyers. This family comes out the other end realizing they will always have the most important thing: each other. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Rabbit Square Productions

Cast/Participants: Jill Hennessy, Kyle Mac, Daniel Davis Yang, Alice Moran, Emmanuel Shirinian, John Carroll Lynch