Confucius Was A Foodie III: Eatable Origins


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 240

EATABLE ORIGINS is a documentary miniseries (4x60) where Chef Christine Cushing explores how Chinese cuisine, culture and beliefs have initiated, altered, changed and influenced world cuisines … even in the most unexpected ways and places!

Chef Christine continues the journey she began in the first installment of Confucius Was a Foodie as she looks at the wider influence of Confucius and Chinese cuisine, culture and traditions.  The Italians may be very surprised as we look at the possible Chinese origins of pizza, the Greeks and Turks may have to re-evaluate the origin of Baklava, and the French might just have to reconsider whether the foodie systems of Escoffier are original or a Confucian rehash.

These four episodes find Chef Christine exploring Europe, Asia and North America tracing the origins of food facts, fads, fallacies, philosophies and fun back to their Chinese roots. 

The viewer will discover the effect of the defection of traditional Chinese chefs (during and after the Cultural Revolution in China) on world cuisines, the ramifications of Confucian food precepts on contemporary food philosophy and the tipping point (Confucian influence?) when food became cuisine.

Significant and thought-provoking, this journey shakes ethnic beliefs and foodie myths and leads us to a deeper appreciation of the global connection of our stories, cultures and traditions and how they are connected through food.  Eatable Origins challenges us to re-evaluate our world, its ethnicities and races through a foodie filter.