Cochon dingue

Children's & Youth

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 65 x 30 minutes

Cochon dingue is a multiplatform magazine hosted by a quartet of accomplices (the overflowing imaginations of Pascal Barriault, Valérie Chevalier, Marilou Morin, and Pascal Morrissette). The four are aided and abetted by Néo, a real guinea pig that talks through the voice of the inimitable Marc Labrèche. The five chums have the challenge of developing an informative, visual, fun, and creative encyclopedia viewers can consult online: the Wikidingue. To provide content, each program is devoted to a new theme that the high five exploit in all directions and in every nook and cranny. Amazing discoveries, fascinating reports, and wild and crazy skits give Cochon dingue plenty of extra spice. Various celebrities join the gang from time to time to create even more for viewers to enjoy.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 7926766 Canada inc