Chercheurs d'or yukonnais

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Western

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 52 minutes

Chercheurs d’or yukonnais is a unique 52-minute documentary about the daily life of gold miners in the Yukon. In the documentary, the lead character, Simon D’Amours, meets various miners from the Dawson area.

During the first week, he learns how to mine with Bernard Gagnon (Bernie). In week two, Simon heads into the middle of the forest with Claude Audet and Corwin Guimond (Cor) to analyze a piece of land by sinking a shaft.

Bernie Gagnon, 75, uses a revolutionary tool to find veins of gold under the soil.

Claude Audet, 60, is on his fourth shaft and has yet to discover gold. He’s hoping for a strike on this new site which looks very promising.

Cor Guimond, 66, has been trapping in the Yukon for over 40 years. When he’s not trapping, he marks off land for miners or sinks shafts with his friends Réjean and Claude Audet.

The main objective of Simon’s journey is to try and understand the characters he meets and what motivates them to pursue a life in mining. Is it the lure of riches or is there something else that motivates them to spend so much time in the woods far away from their families and the conveniences of city life?

As the journey ends, both Simon and the viewers will have a good understanding of what it really means to be a gold miner today.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 535983 Yukon inc. / World Wild Media

Cast/Participants: Simon D'Amours / Bernard Gagnon / Claude Audet / Corwin Guimond

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