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C'est Wow

Children's & Youth

C'est Wow is a zany show about geometry, jam-packed with skits, songs, cartoons, and 3D special effects. Our host, Jean-François, and his mischievous robot cat show viewers how geometry is in everything all around us, from roller coasters to Frisbees to ice cream cones. In every episode, real kids, help Jean-François solve a mathematical mystery:  How come bubbles are always round? Why are so many musical instruments made of cylinders? How can you make your bike more aerodynamic? Kids build stuff, and break stuff, and sometimes even do a chicken dance to help Hamza find the answers.

Look for brain-bending puzzles, cool hands-on experiments and totally wacky challenges, all in the name of math, on C'est Wow.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Apartment 11 Productions

Cast/Participants: Jean-François Pronovost

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