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Carricks, dans le sillage des Irlandais

French (Available subtitled in English)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 52 min

In 1847, the Carricks sailing ship went down off the Gaspé Peninsula with 187 Irish passengers on board and a violin made by Antonio Stradivarius. Today, the bones of the missing children are resurfacing like ghosts on the beach at Cap-des-Rosiers. But who were these children? Charles Kavanagh, whose ancestors were among the lucky few that survived the shipwreck, sets off to find out on a quest in search of his origins. He only recently learned why there was no mention of his ancestors in the Carricks passenger register. The Kavanagh name used to be Kaveney. Through DNA tests on the recovered bones, a journey in the footsteps of his Irish ancestor, and research to trace the authenticity of the strange violin, Charles asks, “What is a name?” How does our name influence who we are? What is left of the heritage of our Irish ancestors on Quebec soil? This feature film deals with Quebec identity, whether it’s the name of an immigrant family, the identity of deceased children, or the origin of a violin.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Tortuga Films Productions II inc

Cast/Participants: Charles Kavanagh


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