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Cardinal 3


Region: N/A

Autumn has arrived in Algonquin Bay, and with it an unusual spate of suicides. The most shocking victim yet is
Detective John Cardinal’s wife, who has finally succumbed to her battle with manic depression. As Cardinal grieves,
his partner, Lise Delorme gets the call on the grisly murder of a wealthy couple visiting town for the annual
Sportsman’s Show. Cardinal is soon back on the job, looking for this unusual case to take his mind off his grief.

But when Cardinal receives a string of hateful anonymous notes about Catherine’s death, he begins to suspect
homicide. His colleagues believe he is too distraught to think clearly, and he’s forced to investigate alone.
Meanwhile, fresh bodies are dropping as Algonquin Bay’s most chilling killers yet - doomsday prepping ex-soldier
Sharlene ‘Mama’ Winston and her dangerous adopted ‘family’ – continue their reign of terror, with a hostage
whose life is hanging in the balance. As Cardinal and Delorme draw the net around their dangerous suspects,
connecting them to the cold case disappearance of a family and a recent spate of ATM robberies turned fatal,
Delorme must decide whether to trust Cardinal, or if his grief is putting them in danger and the entire case at
risk. Meanwhile, Cardinal moves ever closer to uncovering the dark truth behind Catherine’s death – can he handle
the truth?

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Cardinal Blackfly Productions Inc. ,Sienna Blackfly Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Billy Campbell, Karine Vanasse