Camping de l'ours

Children's & Youth

Region: N/A

Camping de l’ours is a delirious sitcom that follows the adventures of four young adults who work at the only campsite owned by an agoraphobic bear! Each week, Dave (the man of the woods), Trudel (the seducer), Fanny (the city girl, rocker and street-smart), and Sylvain (the poet-accountant, deceitful and full of himself) defend their workplace against threats ranging from the wacky to the way-out: hippy cheapskates who don’t pay their rent, will-o’-the-wisp soul thief infestations, disco gods making a racket all night long in the forest...when you’re camping, danger and absurdity are never far away. Add in the endless demands of the ridiculous boss who never leaves the office, and the campsite’s catastrophic finances, and you can easily see why life is no picnic for any employee!


Cast/Participants: Lelouis Courchesne, Mickaël Gouin, Léane Labrèche-D'or, Alexandre Landry, Jocelyn Coutu, Erik Gosselin, Pierre Brassard

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