Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 52 minutes

So, is Canada really as ‘Bi’ as it should be? On the 50th anniversary of the Official Languages Act, passed by the Parliament of Canada in 1969, Frédéric Choinière dares to ask out loud what many people may be thinking. Is Canada the bilingualism utopia it was supposed to be? What can we make of the opposition to bilingualism by certain politicians in New Brunswick and Ontario on one hand and the unparalleled popularity of French immersion programs on the other?

More importantly is official bilingualism still relevant in a country as multicultural as Canada or in a world no longer as interconnected as it once was? To find the answers to these questions Frédéric Choinière, goes on the road to better understand the challenges and issues relating to how the Official Languages Act is being applied. He takes the pulse of the people in different regions of the country and enters the world of francophone, anglophone, Indigenous, and allophone citizens of all ages. And through it all with the help of expert analysis, he puts Canadian bilingualism to the test.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Machine Gum Productions

Cast/Participants: Frédéric Choinière

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