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Becoming Canadian


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 6 Episodes

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people take the Oath of Citizenship and officially become
Canadian citizens. For each, that highly emotional event is the culmination of a long and often
rocky journey, fuelled by the hope and promise of what it means to be Canadian. Becoming
Canadian, captures that life-changing moment and gives a voice to these new citizens, who
share the unique path they've taken to becoming Canadian. As a Digital First series, online
stories feature smart, engaging short-form testimonials from ceremonies held this past year
across Canada. Deployment of digital content begins in January 2017. Compelling longer
stories will be aggregated for an engaging 6-part television series for CBC television.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Citizen Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Gord Downie

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