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Ari Cui Cui

Children's & Youth

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 39 épisodes x 7 minutes

Ari Cui Cui has a real passion for music. She loves to play all the instruments and her infectious joy gets all her friends to dance and sing with her. Sometimes it just takes a few notes to inspire an idea, improvise a show, cheer up a neighbour, shake up an energetic boy, or fabricate a tune with a mischievous colleague. When Ari sings, happiness simply blooms and spreads all around her.

For Ari, everyday objects and accessories are real little treasures. The trick is to highlight them. As a talented fabricator, she gets great joy out of transforming, recovering, and reinventing forgotten, broken, or thrown-out objects. She especially enjoys giving a second life to these abandoned trinkets. She’s blessed with limitless creativity, and a knack for inventiveness that her friends continually stimulate.

Ari adores cooking. She knows that food is a source of comfort and curiosity for kids. She really gets a kick out of inventing new recipes and mixing up ingredients to whet your appetite. Her friends are always curious to see what she’s cooking up next: a flower pie? A bouquet of pineapples and kiwis? A zucchini sandwich?

She’s a totally original gardener with a super-green thumb. She’s turned the courtyard she shares with her friends into a lush garden. Fruits, vegetables, plants, and flowers grow like there’s no tomorrow. Ari doesn’t know where this talent comes from, but she’s determined to share it with everyone she knows. Her mission is to bring back abundance and happiness for all those near to her.

Like most young viewers who live in the city, the adventures of Ari take place in urban settings, but in a small beautiful paradise where the green comes through the concrete grey.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Les Productions Mélomanie Inc.

Cast/Participants: Ariane Gauthier

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