Arctic Secrets


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 3 x 60 Mins

From the Arctic “prairies” and tree line region of the continental mainland to the tip of Ellesmere Island is an incredibly varied land of immense physical beauty. 

Arctic represents over forty percent of Canada’s landmass, and two thirds of our coastline. To Canadians, The North is integral to our national identify - a wild and untamed place, sparsely populated, poorly understood and heavily mythologized.  To some, it is “frontier”: an immense reserve of untapped natural resources.  To those who know and love it better, it is homeland and perhaps the last chance and the last place to “do it right”: to balance development with preservation and respect. 

The Arctic is home to exotic animal species, many found nowhere else on the planet. Iconic creatures like the polar bear, the largest land based carnivore on earth, the wooly muskox, and the spiral-tusked narwhal.  These are some of the last truly wild places on the planet.  We don’t need to look farther for enchanted desert islands… but wear a parka!   

We explore, in-depth, the rugged landscape, unique topography, inhospitable climate, exotic wildlife, and fascinating history of each of these islands, revealing new insights about the land and creatures that inhabit it and the explorers who left human imprint here.  Some met their final challenge in this place.

Working with a small, mobile and experienced team of Arctic based filmmakers, we search the stories of these little known islands, the flora and fauna, the secrets that make life possible… or impossible in these places. Our creative focus is to understand and explain how the wildlife and plant species native to these islands survive under such harsh conditions. Why these species and not others? 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Nah Ho Productions Inc. ,White Pine Pictures Inc.

Cast/Participants: Shelagh Rogers

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