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Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 67 min. 30 sec.

Being a referee is probably the most hated job in sports. It shouldn’t be surprising then that the men, women, and teenagers in the black and white striped uniforms who look so authoritative on the outside are often shaking on the inside. And even though they may be our sons, daughters, brothers, or uncles, they’re rarely given even a modicum of respect and dignity. It’s as if they ceased to be human as soon as they put their work clothes on.

The phenomenon has always troubled journalist Mathias Brunet. In this documentary, which he also produced, Brunet follow referees, the young and the less young, in all stages of what they do. He’s accompanied by Stéphane Auger, a former NHL referee and now in charge of referees for Hockey Québec. Auger sometimes advises and sometimes sympathizes with the referees we meet along the way.

Various hockey stakeholders are also called in for their views: professional NHL and minor hockey league referees, parents, and coaches all have their say in a television documentary that scores big by leaving no puck unturned.


Cast/Participants: Stéphane Auger, Ron Fournier