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Aging Well - Suzuki Style


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 60 minutes

David Suzuki is eighty-three. That’s three years beyond the life expectancy for the average Canadian male. So he’s ahead of the game. Sure maybe his hearing and eyesight ain’t what they used to be but he’s quick to point out that “… aging is not a disease. It’s just a natural part of life.” In fact, if he didn’t know his biological age he reckons – based on the condition he thinks he’s in - that he’s about sixty-three. But he’d like a second opinion.

So he’s going on a journey to discover how he measures up scientifically. He’ll meet aging experts and undergo several tests in a bid to reveal his “alter” age, that’s to say his age based on his physical condition – as opposed to what’s written on his birth certificate. Along the way, he’ll find out exactly what’s working, what’s not and what he can do - and probably what he should have done - to age well.

We all have an expiry date. The trick is to stay young and fit for as long as possible. Not a bad exit strategy …

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Rezolution Pictures International Inc

Coproduction Partner(s): 11496948 Canada inc

Cast/Participants: David Suzuki

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