Animation, Children's & Youth
English, French

Region: Atlantic

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 11-minute episodes

Set in a diverse Canadian urban community, much like the NDG area of Montreal, Addison is an animated series for children aged 4 to 6 years of age chronicling the comical yet brain- teasing adventures of Addison, a girl inventor who loves to solve mysteries!

Addison combines a playful, comedy-oriented narrative style with the perennial appeal of mysteries to subtly impart not only STEM (and STEAM) curriculum and creative problem-solving skills, but also emotional intelligence. The value of behaviours such as co-operation and stick-to-itiveness is always evident as Addison and her friends persevere through setbacks until they find the solutions they seek.

In each 11-minute episode, Addison and her friends use imagination, reasoning, and their boundless enthusiasm to figure out what’s behind the latest neighbourhood conundrum. But smart as she is, Addison’s first solution or conclusion is never the correct one. That’s okay though, because Addison is not only intelligent, she’s determined and resilient. After landing on her butt, she always sets a great example by acknowledging that it’s okay to make mistakes because it’s part of the process of discovery. Then she climbs back onto the horse and, armed with her newly acquired knowledge, rides it straight towards the final and correct conclusion.

That philosophy is woven into the DNA of every episode of Addison, and using skills they gain from watching the show, kids will learn how to think, not what to think. They will find out how to approach complex problems without feeling fear, and will come to view a “mistake” not as a failure to be embarrassed of, but rather a stepping-stone on the path to success. After all, such important scientific breakthroughs as radar, safety glass, and wooden matches were all the result of experiments that didn’t turn out the way their creators planned – but we’re glad they did!

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Edison Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Jasyhia Watters, Cathy Jones, Shaun Majumder, Nate White-Nogler, Demerece Nash, Gil Anderson, Alexis Milligan, Genevieve Steele, David Christoffel