Acquainted with the Night


What really happens to a city that never sleeps? What are the effects of light pollution on the natural world, on human behaviour and health, and on the future of the planet? What thrills us and what frightens us about the world after dark?

Acquainted With The Night presents inside stories of nighttime phenomena, customs and rituals from the perspective of scientists, biologists, labourers, truck-drivers, artists, cops and criminals – people whose work and lives are closely aligned with a world free of sunlight.

Underlying the questions are environmental, biological and sociological themes and – as the answers unfold with stories in Greece, France, Morocco, Nepal, the US, Canada and Mexico – we become intimately familiar with life in the darkness.

(Acquainted With The Night is inspired by the award-winning book of the same title by Christopher Dewdney. Written and directed by Michael McNamara. Produced by Judy Holm for Markham Street Films.)