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Ça change pas le monde

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 30

Winning the lottery is an intense shock to your system, “like an atomic bomb going off in your stomach,” according to one winning member from a group of 27 municipal employees in the Saguenay that won the $23 million Lotto Max in August 2017.

A shock that sets off a series of emotions, fears, questions, and important decisions that must be made. Because most of the winners are left to their own devices, armed with only a few tips given out quickly by Loto-Québec advisors, these lucky new millionaires must quickly learn how to be rich all of a sudden without any real instructions.

Some calmly succeed at the job. Others fail completely.

In reality, there are probably as many ways to react to the sudden impact of wealth as there are lottery winners...

Ça change pas le monde (working title) is a documentary series of 10 episodes, each episode themed on the various reactions winning the lottery has on people.

Ça change pas le monde will present a range of winners as varied and unique as the paths they’ve chosen to take. Whether winning makes their dreams come true or destroys their lives, you’ll get to meet ordinary people who all have one thing in common: not one of them was ready for the tsunami of money that came pouring into their lives.

The interest lies not so much in the financial management of their winnings as on the psychological impact the mountain of money has on their personal, family, social, and professional lives.

The series will also focus on those whose dreams do come true. Selected happy and satisfied characters, ideally with strong personalities, sometimes friendly, sometimes not.

Every story reveals the universal emotions we all experience: love, envy, ambition, anger, etc.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Datsit Studios Quatorze inc.

Cast/Participants: Famille Lavigueur, Les soeurs Daigneault, Columbo