911 - Saison 2


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 30 min

In the 911 documentary series viewers can experience what it’s like being a firefighter or a paramedic on the scene during emergency situations. These are the first responders who are there during everyday emergency situations where the stress and adrenaline levels are at their peak. The 911 series brings their work at different emergencies to life on screen.

Through various eyewitness accounts, viewers drop in on the stories of the men and women who are trained to keep their cool, and react with speed, accuracy, and precision no matter what the situation. The 911 documentary series takes us behind the scenes of real human dramas where lives hang in the balance.

The documentary team is actually embedded in various intervention units to really get to know their members, their stories, their characters, their fears, their emotions. During interviews, the stakeholders take the time to comment on the actions they took and explain their procedures and interventions in detail.

Each week the 911 documentary series presents 3 parallel stories that penetrate into the strange and inaccessible world where firefighters and paramedics work. Viewers can get right into the action in live scenes with comments from stakeholders and witnesses to the events. Interviews complete the picture on the ground, the procedures that took place, and how they reacted during the emergency situations. 


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