1000 jours pour la planète (An 3) Épisodes 1-2-3 / 1000 Days for the Planet (Year 3) Episodes 1-2-3

English, French (Available dubbed in English)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: Episode 1: 68 minutes - Episode 2: 68 minutes - Episode 3: 45 minutes

The renowned Sedna IV sailing ship returns home after a 3-year voyage around the world, evaluating the state of the planet. From the Arctic to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the crew documents the major environmental changes taking place in areas they first visited on an expedition 15 years ago. The pack ice in the Arctic is melting faster and faster, and marine life in the St. Lawrence is struggling to adapt to the devastating effects of ongoing climate change.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Glacialis Inc.

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