1 Day


Canadians have remarkable stories to tell. 1 Day celebrated that rich heritage with a unique 24-hour portrait of the country that invited all Canadians to participate in a joint project.

The result went far beyond expectations. 1 Day was a fascinating mix of stories that showcased interactive filmmaking in a seamless blend of CBC and viewer-generated footage.

The 2-hour show, filmed on April 30, 2011, was a special CBC/Radio Canada documentary and online project. Anyone in the country with a camera or a smartphone was able to collaborate with both networks.

For 24 hours, Canadians seized this unique opportunity to provide video and photographic glimpses into their own lives, families and communities. Every hour of the day and night was captured in revealing and compelling images collected online.

At the same time, CBC crews crossed the country to follow people as the day unfolded. From inside the Hockey Night in Canada control room to backstage with an opera diva, from the horse pen on a remote ranch to back alleys with cops making drug busts, and behind the scenes at a Hindu wedding, a fashion shoot, a rock concert, and a child’s birthday – we were there.

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