Two Wrongs

Drama, Suspense/Thriller
English (Available dubbed in French)

Region: N/A

Canadian Release Date: June 07, 2015

In-home nurse and single mother Sarah struggles daily to balance her work and home life. One often trumps the other, and quality time spent with 7-year-old daughter, Lauren, seems to suffer most. Sarah is confronted by a parent’s worst nightmare when Lauren is abducted walking home alone from school. Now Sarah must do the unthinkable to save her daughter – hold one of her patients’ hostage, and ultimately kill him. Faced with this desperate dilemma, will Sarah be able to make the decision that only a mother could?


DIRECTOR: Tristan Dubois

SCRIPTWRITERS: Barbara Kymlicka

Cast/Participants: Gillian Zinser, Aidan Devine, Ryan Blakely, Andrea Frankle, Linda Thorson, Brooklyn Lax, Matt Bois, Laura de Carteret

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