The Promise


It is the middle of winter, and Tucker, a writing professor, meets an unusual young woman named Amy from an online dating site for  the first time in person. They meet at his university, where he gives her a tour of the campus. Near a library washroom, he takes her inside, where it is gloomy and isolated of people. He tells her of his alienation as a youth, and how he would eat lunch in the washroom stall due to not fitting in with anyone else.

Amy seems to understand his experiences in a way others have not, and Tucker then takes her to the rooftop where they are standing on the interior side of a glass a glass door. Looking out, they see the desolate view- it is dusk, and on the roof is nothing but concrete slabs, graffiti, and pebbles. They can hear the whine of intense winds from outside.

Revealing to Amy that his university years were as lonely as high school, he tells her that this rooftop is where he preferred to eat his meals, to be away from everyone rather than feel even more lonely eating among other students that he had no connection to. He tells Amy that his values regarding friendship, loyalty, family, and love are something he has never found in anyone else, and how the values his father instilled in him regarding commitment and fidelity seem to be extinct. 

Tucker tells Amy that he wants to believe all the wonderful things she has written about her values in her profile, but that he can't reconcile that with the fact she told him herself that she had earlier told him that she had been with 29 men before him. He wants to trust her, but he can't.

This prompts Amy to disclose her own truth, and how her own experiences have shown her the sacred value of a promise and of commitment. Almost on the verge of breakdown, she tells Tucker of her childhood and how her own father abandoned her family only to come back years later asking her for money. Amy explains how her mother sacrificed and gave her all to raise her children with good morals and values.

She acknowledges the wrong path she had taken before in her life when it came to men, and she tells Tucker that the kind of man she has been looking for her whole life is a man who stands up for what is right. That the man she has been looking for is Tucker.

Tucker tells her not to lie to him, and in a combination of anger, confusion, and pain, he heads outside, onto the roof in the blasting winds. Amy catches up to him, and attempts to embrace him, but Tucker pushes back. Amy won't let go, until Tucker finally lets the dam of emotion inside him loose, and he embraces her passionately, tightly. 

No words are necessary as they continue to embrace while the winter wind lashes against them.


Cast/Participants: Dek Webber, Laura Stoica, Harrison Astroff, Len Rosen, Mike Meaney, Varinder Chahal

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