The Perfect Little Plan

Comedy, Suspense/Thriller
English (Available subtitled in English)

Canadian Release Date: March 10, 2015

The Perfect Little Plan is the story is a day dreamer who has no clue what's happening around him. He is just 'living along' with whatever is happening. He just hopes not to get in trouble because he is not man enough to handle any conflict. But sometimes it the seeds we sow that lead to the crop that we reap.. Preston takes the wrong bus out of town by chance or was it all a part of the perfect little plan? Figure out this mind bender and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Sodhi Creative Films

DIRECTOR: Mandeep Sodhi

Cast/Participants: Kevin P. Gabel, Megean Haber, Alan Wong, Justin Pike, Dean Harder, Tim Nhlazane, Claude Dorge, Brian T. Kawakami

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