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Girls on The Hunt

French (Available subtitled in English)

Florence is 72 and has been hunting deer for 25 years. She always hunts alone. Megan is 14. She hunts caribou and moose and field dresses her own prey. Hélène is 50. She hunts bear, deer and moose with bows and rifles. Each year, she teaches eight other women to hunt. Jannie is 29. She is Hélène’s daughter. At 12, she used a bow to bring down an 8-point deer. Julie is 36. A film director, she has never hunted in her life. Hunting is a changing practice in Quebec. Girls on the Hunt transports you into the lives of women determined to take to the woods.


DIRECTOR: Julie Lambert

Cast/Participants: Megan Alain, Florence Grandmont, Hélène Larente, Jannie Lalonde-Larente, Julie Lambert

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