Horror, Science-fiction/Fantasy

The artificial intelligence of a derelict spaceship takes a homicidal stand against the crew of young probationers assigned to eradicate it from the vessel. The disparate group, compelled to earn their freedom through a grueling work-release program, quickly fall prey to the psychotic program’s treacherous manipulation. Infighting and panic threaten to tear the already fractious team apart, until Kaida reluctantly takes charge. A lost soul haunted by the sins of her past, Kaida desperately struggles to outwit the terrifying intelligence that fancies itself to be human. As she attempts to save her troubled peers (and her own humanity), Kaida discovers that they are all threatened with a fate far worse than death.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Copperheart Entertainment

DIRECTOR: David Hewlett

Cast/Participants: Jeananne Goossen, Adam Butcher, Adrian Holmes, Kjartan Hewitt, Jason Momoa