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Bruce McDonald's Dreamland

Drama, Science-fiction/Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller

Region: Western

Year of Production: 2019

Canadian Release Date: October 31, 2019

Duration: 92 min

After getting slighted by a fading, legendary jazz Trumpet Player, sadistic gang boss Hercules puts his number one enforcer, Johnny Dead Eyes, on a mission of revenge. His instructions are simple: cut off the Trumpet Player’s pinky finger before he plays a wedding reception at the lavish palace of the diabolical, childish Countess. As Johnny attempts to execute his harsh task he finds himself getting pushed into dark places and forced to confront the horrific consequences of Hercules’s evil empire.

A night club called Al Qaeda, an old world vampire, a junky child bride, a femme fatale, a handful of severed fingers and a palace ballroom full of music, machine gun fire and mayhem ... it’s just another night in Dreamland. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Goodbye Productions

Coproduction Partner(s): Calach Films, Velvet Films

Cast/Participants: Stephen McHattie, Henry Rollins, Juliette Lewis