English (Available dubbed in French & subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Canadian Release Date: April 07, 2017

Duration: 90 mins

Hakeem is the teenage son of east African immigrant parents living in Montreal’s tough Parc-Ex neighbourhood. Along with his best friend Anthony ‘A-Mac’ McDonald, the two work after school at Hakeem’s uncle’s car wash ’spotting’ luxury sports cars for a local crime syndicate to make extra money. A-Mac eventually persuades Hakeem to boost a car on their own leading to a windfall of cash that has dire consequences down the road - forcing Hakeem to make a life altering decision and define the type of man he will become.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Bunbury Films Inc ,Havelock Films Inc.

Coproduction Partner(s): Boost

DIRECTOR: Darren Curtis


Cast/Participants: Nabil Rajo

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