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Yo Juego


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2015

Toronto 2015 “Juegos Panamericanos” was a defining moment for the Hispanic community in Canada, a “tipping point” for Canadian and International recognition of an often overlooked ethno cultural community that is one of Canada’s fastest growing multicultural groups and the most spoken foreign language in Canada. Follow everyday Hispanic Canadians as they experience the Games each in their own personal way, and examine the highs and lows of the preparation, excitement and anticipation of this first international sports competition held in Toronto. A dedicated website, yojuego.ca has been produced in conjunction with the TV documentary Yo Juego (I Play) that provides bonus behind-the-scenes video content, interactive games and daily blogs throughout the Pan Am Games in July. Through personal stories and day-to-day preparation with trainers and families, this website showcases the behind-the-scenes excitement of the TO2015 Games through the eyes of Hispanic Canadians.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: TLN Telelatino Network Inc.

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