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Une autre histoire MN


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 60 minutes

In addition to its regular sections, the website includes 24 video clips to enhance the user experience. Twelve of the clips introduce characters from the series and 12 focus on storylines developed from the author’s scripts.

In the first 12 clips, the actors answer questions about their characters, their inter-relationships, and the filming process, among others. The clips make it easy for online users to know more about the characters in the series with questions directly related to key moments in the plot. Enhanced with excerpts from the show, the clips go beyond the images, allowing actors to express how they feel about the dramatic scenes they’re in.

Flashbacks are an important part of the Une autre histoire storyline, so they’re used as a starting point for launching the thematic clips.

In the form of interviews with the author, Chantal Cadieux, Brigitte Couture, Marina Orsini, Sébastien Ricard, Stéphane Jacques, and Debbie Lynch-White, the thematic clips are punctuated with excerpts from the series chosen from the best-known flashbacks and a range of questions and answers following specific themes.

We’re celebrating Season 1 of the series with a digital section that explores the many aspects of Anémone’s journey and her two families. The Personnages section not only presents fact sheets on each character but also retrospectives on the highlights of their turbulent lives. While loyal viewers get to enjoy Une autre histoire from week to week, new fans will be able to quickly catch up on past episodes.

Flexible and scalable, the digital component is designed to easily accommodate new characters and plot twists and turns from season to season.

The Une autre histoire series also has a solid presence on social media with a Facebook page dedicated to the show as well as online support and access on broadcaster platforms.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Sphère Média 2011 inc.

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