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Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 420 minutes

Transpose is a dreamlike and gravity-defying puzzle game in VR. It challenges players to solve increasingly complex physics puzzles as they explore an extraordinarily surreal world.

In Transpose, players are granted the power to manipulate time enabling them to create multiple, overlapping versions of themselves, to solve puzzles which become increasingly challenging as they play. Players record and layer these past “echoes” of themselves to traverse incredible paths and collaborate across time.

Players must collect and sacrifice energy as they progress through 30+ levels, powering up an ancient machine that reveals the mysteries of the universe.

The game features:

- A mesmerizing surreal world with impossible architecture and scale that enables players to shift perspectives in ways not possible in any other medium
- 30+ mystifying levels spanning three unique worlds
- Player-created time loops used to record and coordinate multiple echoes of the player to solve increasingly difficult puzzles

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Secret Location Inc.

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Awards & Nominations


Alliance for Children and Television (ACT) Awards