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Top Science! MN


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The Top Science! website serves up rich and entertaining content. In its broadcast environment, the site provides viewers with all the information they need to better understand the show, including details on each episode, as well as exclusive content designed to extend the TV experience and totally captivate its audience of 8-to-10-year-olds.

In terms of exclusive content, there are 10 scientific “How-To” video clips where, for the first time, a young presenter demonstrates how to recreate a scientific phenomenon step by step safely at home.

From the perspective of an optimal interactive experience, young internauts can also have fun testing their scientific IQ in a fun quiz developed in HTLM5 and hosted on the show’s website.

In addition, a series of 26 engaging “True or False” (13 questions and 13 answers) illustrations were created for the site. The illustrations are also posted on social media as a way of generating traffic and of enticing a young audience into the Top Science! world to learn all about science in an amusing and fascinating way.


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