The Skyjacker's Tale


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: n/a

Delve deeper into the story of Ishmael Muslim Ali, one of top 5 most wanted American fugitives in Cuba, who successfully hijacked a plane there in 1984 after being convicted of eight murders on a golf course owned by the Rockefellers.  Through character profiles, history, infographics, additional footage and interviews, the site expands on the world of the feature-length documentary by unpacking key topics and provides greater depth to key themes including colonial race relations, latent effects of the cold war, and institutional injustice. Users can explore recent developments in Cuba/US relations, the history of skyjacking, the notorious Fountain Valley Massacre and the infamous trial that followed.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Cave 7 Productions

AVAILABLE ON: Web/Site web

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