The Next Step: Dance Academy

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The Next Step follows the lives of an elite group of young dancers who live and breathe dance at The Next Step Studio. Personal relationships are put to the test as the dancers try to  strike a balance between individual talent and dedicated teamwork required to win at the highest level.
At the end of Season Two of The Next Step, the studio finds itself in a precarious position.  Although The Next Step won Nationals, they return home to find that they have been evicted from their studio. Shortly thereafter, Lucien from their rival studio, Elite, shows up and reveals he is the new owner of the building: with no place to dance and prepare for the upcoming competition, he insists the two studios merge and send a single team to Internationals. It’s the only way The Next  Step can move forward.   Once again the dancers must fight to retain their spot on A-­‐Troupe.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Temple Dance III Productions Limited ,

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