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The Fence (MN)


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2020

Duration: 15

THE FENCE (DM) engage the viewers in a discussion around the subject matter of war and life in a POW camp. All the elements of this Digital Media campaign are created towards raising awareness about life as a POW and as a POW veteran.
While the content of the feature documentary film The Fence is darker, due to the choking and disturbing realities of this war, the DM component focuses on the heroic moments that highlight the aspects of hope, resilience and survival. These elements are human nature, and that to which the audience can attach; even if they do not understand the war experience of a veteran, they can still attach to the experience of a being human and the actions of survival; having a sense of humor even in hard times; refusing to give up; struggling and having courage, are all key elements that will be presented with video witness accounts.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Tortuga Films Productions III inc

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