Star Pirates: Infinity

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Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Star Pirates: Infinity (SPI)  is a next generation Collectible Card Game (CCG). This cross-platform experience will revolutionise the genre through the use of Dual Device technology; bridging the gap between traditional paper and digital CCGs. With our new Third Screen mode, players will be able to play a game of cards with their friends, using their own mobile devices to display their hand of cards, and a tablet or computer to display the card table.  

SPI is set within an existing multi million dollar game series developed by SHG Studios, the Star Crash Universe, a hard-science fiction space opera that explores human nature and its relationship with technology. Star Pirates: Infinity is the next planned addition to this universe.  

Star Pirates: Infinity is a digital CCG where players buy and assemble card decks to compete against opposing players, both human and AI. Players gain rewards, unlock missions and collect a range of units in the form of collectible cards. The game has the combined benefits of digital and paper-based CCGs.




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