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Some Assembly Required: Factory Frenzy


Region: N/A

The Factory Frenzy web mini-game environment lets users experience the fast-paced day-to-day life in the Knickknack Toy Factory first hand. Can you keep the Factory incident free?

Supporting the launch of the third season of Some Assembly Required, we have added two new rapid-fire “quick fail” games to the Factory Frenzy environment first created for season 2. These games are easy to play yet hard to master.

In Wrench in the Gears, you get to be the villain. Help Ms. Bubkes sabotage the operation by literally throwing wrenches into the gears to disable machinery and shut down the factory. In keeping with the theme of Ms. Bubkes’ schemes backfiring, even successful playthroughs of the game end poorly for her.

In our second game, Coaster Architect, we find that the Knick Knack coaster has fallen apart. Players need to do their part to put it back together by dragging pieces onto an incomplete track segment to form a connected route. But they need to do it fast, because the coaster is coming whether they are ready or not!


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