Sécurité - MN


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 30

With full armour, Jay Du Temple and Laurie Doucet compete against each other to see who will be crowned the best security guard at GardaWorld. It’s a 5-part suspense-filled, adrenaline-pumping competition. Weapons handling, searches, armoured vehicle driving, transportation of valuables, and patrolling...Our dynamic duo is really put to the test!

Each web episode is based on a field of expertise in the security business. Jay and Laurie must go through a short training program with experts before they compete against each other. They’ll be judged by experienced instructors on established criteria to determine the winner in each stage of the competition. What are their best points and their less-than-best ones?

Their mentor, Dan, and the two hosts encourage Jay and Laurie to give their comments and impressions using a confessional approach throughout the event, to add additional information and humour to the competition. In order to keep the viewing audience captive, results will be revealed only at the conclusion of each episode and, since only one point is awarded per event, the battle promises to be fierce until the very end. So, will it be Jay Du Temple or Laurie Doucet who comes away with top honours?

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Attraction Images Productions Inc.

Coproduction Partner(s): S/O

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