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Secret Ponchos


The tension and stylization of Secret Ponchos – an online combat game set in the Wild West – is steeped in rich graphic-novel sensibilities. You’re an outlaw in a town crawling with bandits, murderers and bounty hunters. There’s a price on your head and everyone is gunning for you. You must be the best to survive, meaning you must battle for increased notoriety, defeating opponents to acquire their status.

Duels and accumulated worth are logged into your character’s legacy. Players can compete one-on-one, engage in OK-Corral style gunfights, or hit free-for-all mode.

Play aggressively crosses genre boundaries, creating a distinct and innovative feel. The overhead camera adds tactical awareness to the team-shooter genre. Both friends and foes see how the fast-paced action and intense fighting create a new style of addictive and competitive gaming – all wrapped in a stylish Spaghetti Western setting.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Switchblade Monkeys Entertainment Inc.

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