Sacrés objets ! - Média numérique


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

The website respects the accepted practices and standards of the TV5 portal. A soon as they get to the show’s homepage, visitors can use the intuitive navigation menu to easily locate the content they’re looking for. A bar in TV5 colours segments the content in different tabs. A photo of the series will be predominantly placed at the top of the page, along with visuals of the different content sections so users get the real feel and look of the series.

You’ll find the usual basic information on Sacrés objets! like details about the TV series (broadcast and rebroadcast day and time), excerpts from the next episode, and a direct link to the TV5 video zone for catching up online. The web component takes you beyond the television series with content that allows you to discover more about how the objects have become part of our daily lives through videos, photos, and quizzes.

The content in the digital media component makes it easy to really get to know the 13 objects featured in the TV section: box, wheel, bottle, card, belt, freezer, window, wire, clock, shovel, pole, pipe, and fence.

For each object, users will find about 100 items of content in various forms:

1. Original videos (in the History of... section)

2. Explanatory text of the object’s relation to society (Editorial about… section)

3. Quiz, historical facts, scientific or social connections to the object (Did you know?)

4. Host biography

5. Credits


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